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Within the SEASAC project each partner has specific work packages that they lead. This does not mean that they are exclusively responsible, however it does mean that they are leading and supporting all of the partners in successfully delivering this exciting project.


There are seven work packages.

  • WP1 Conceptualization; TUAS and RSU

  • WP2 International B2B Sales course, coaching materials; ENU and MSU

  •  WP3 Competitions; Haaga-Helia and UNPAR

  • WP4, Quality Assurance; Haaga-Helia and UNS

  • WP5, Evaluation; FHWN and Polibatam

  •  WP6, Promotion & dissemination; ENU and UPI Padang with support of SEAMOLEC

  •  WP7, Management; TUAS and UBINUS

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