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Bina Nusantara University

Ina Agustini Murwani.JPG

Ina A. Murwani, MM.

Before she decided to do full time teaching in 2014, Ms. Murwani has
a vast experience in the industry (FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Chemical,
Distribution, Trading Commodities) and NGO since 1990. Her
exposure to the sales management were during her time in leading the
brand and sales team in several multi national companies dealing with
B2B such as Mead Johnson Nutritional (Infant Formula, Hospital
Business and Ethical Pharmaceutical), Johnson Diversey (Chemical
companies), Continaf (Cocoa Trading Company) and one local big
distributor who had more than 1,000 sales forces. She had been
involved in developing the curriculum for Sales Force Training and
Development in the past years. She has still kept her extensive
network of sales leaders in the industry both for B2C and B2B. This
network can be useful for building the connection with the industries in
promoting the sales competition.

Rini Setiowati.JPG

Dr. Rini Setiowati, SE.

Ms. Setiowati is the Head of Program for Business Management and
Creative Marketing BINUS Business School. She had an exposure to
the international market while teaching in United Arab Emirates
University (2005 – 2008). She has also been a member of Board Of
Advisor for Indonesia Travel and Toursm Awared (2012) and Board of
Advisor for Indonesia Travel Business Leaders (2012). Ms. Setiowati
has bachelor degree in economics from Universitas Parahyangan
Indonesia, master of business administration from Winthrop
University, South Carolina, USA and doctoral degree in Business and
Management from Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia. Ms.
Setiowati had an extensive experience in moderating FGD for several
prominent MNCs such as Kraft and Unilever and leading local
In 2010, Ms. Setiowati had developed the program of Creative
Marketing from the scratch as the response to the growing of creative
economy and industry in Indonesia. Ms. Setiowati experience in
managing program will be a good contribution to the implementation
of the project and the sales management capacity building.
Most of her publication is in the field of consumer behaviour. And the
latest publication is about the ICT adoption on marketing capabilities
and business performance of Indonesian SMEs.

Willy Gunadi.JPG

Willy Gunadi, S.Kom.,
MM, PhD.

To strengthen the academic’s perspective on marketing and sales, Mr.
Gunadi is recruited to the team because of his extensive experience in
the area of marketing and business management.
Mr. Gunadi is currently full time faculty member of Binus Business
School, and recently served as Deputy Head of Program (Blended
Learning Program). He completed his masters in Marketing
Management and doctoral in Digital Business Management from
Soongsil University, South Korea. He also holds certification in Digital
Marketing from Columbia Business School Executive Education in
collaboration with Emeritus Institute of Management. During his
doctoral study, he involved in several projects from APEC Education
Foundation. Coming back to Indonesia in 2011, Mr. Gunadi was
appointed as Head of Research and Community Service at UPH
Business School, Indonesia and as the Department Chair of Master of
Management program two years later.
He is now responsible on teaching subject in Research Methodology,
Marketing Management and Digital Business & E-Commerce
Management for graduate program in Bina Nusantara University. His
main research interests include e-business, digital marketing and
consumer behavior in online and offline context. Those areas are
believed will contribute to the building of appropriate curriculum for
sales management. He is also active in professional services for various
industries (retail, banking, real estate, etc.) and conduct researches for
public purpose.


Stephen Gregorius
Kurnia, ST. MM.

Mr. Kurnia is the manager of BINUS Institutional Development Center
that will support BINUS Business School in managing the
implementation of the project in terms of project management and
His role in this project is to ensure that the team will deliver the
implementation on time and the administration will be completed per
Mr. Kurnia has an extensive experience in grant management since
2010. Several projects that had been handled among others are
Fellow Program for English Studies with USA Embassy (2016),
CAPFund Chevening Program with British Embassy (2015), the
ASEAN Youth Fund Project with ASEAN Singapore (2014), Anti
Corruption Education Project with the NGO (2011) and numerous
grant projects from the Higher Education Ministry of Indonesia since
2010 until now.
Mr. Kurnia has a bachelor degree in civil engineering from
Tarumanegara University, master degree in Information System from
UBINUS and master of commerce from Curtin University.

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