Dr. Lyn Batchelor


Lyn’s experience in Higher Education is balanced by a career in industry. Since she arrived in the UK at the end of 2006, she has worked on national and international engagement projects with regional and local government as well as on EU projects in Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany.

Her innovation focus is brought from business into the classroom to influence learning and teaching approaches and culture. Her focus is on linking students and the world of work as well as enterprise activities in the business community. Lyn worked at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and the University of Chichester in England, before returning to Scotland in 2017. She is regularly asked to contribute as visiting lecturer in the UK and abroad.

Lyn contributes to the business community through entrepreneurial activities, engagement institution-wide and in the regional economy. Her academic leadership is through the Business School Executive, at Programme level, across the University level and on national bodies.

Dr Barbara McCrory



Barbara completed her DBA study in 2015 on customer experience.
Edinburgh Napier University Business School now has a permanent
lecturer delivering sales learning and teaching and Barbara takes over
that post and actively participates in this position to SEASAC project.

Dr Colin Mackenzie FHEA


completes his DBA in leadership and his MSc is in Quality and Business Excellence. He is a practicing entrepreneur, businessman and a specialist and guest lecturer in sales, leadership and change. He has been involved in supporting the European Sales Competition in Edinburgh and been a head judge for the UK sales competition.