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Alexander Bauer, PhD.

My background is more than a decade of international sales experience. Before I joined academia in 2014, I had the very classical job as a Sales Manager – negotiations with customers and suppliers on a global level with customers and suppliers in North and South America, Europe and Asia, leading global sales teams. My PhD. thesis – which I did part-time besides being a Sales Manager – focused on innovative and cultural marketing strategies in the view of business ethics and international management aspects. This was a good fit to my personal and professional background – as a student – being originally from Germany, but chose Austria as my home – I spent already several semesters abroad in different countries (besides Germany, of course, in the US, Belgium and Estonia) and learnt, how other cultures will negotiate and set up sales talks. This helped me later in a very international sales environment – my first assignments as a Sales Manager brought me to the UK and later to Malaysia – in both countries, I had the pleasure to live and work for several months. This was a great basis for an intercultural understanding as a Sales Manager in negotiations in many different locations. One thing I learnt – no matter where you are from, everyone likes to laugh! In 2014, I decided to try a different path – and to bring my sales experience into the classroom at universities. I did my first steps as a lecturer in The Netherlands for 3 semesters and continued later in Austria as a lecturer. Besides lecturing at the University, I am also a Trainer for Presentation Skills, Rhetoric and Sales Trainings. My current research focus is at the moment on the utilization of sales competitions in sales trainings and utilization of sales labs.


Mag.(FH) Johannes Reiterer, BEd, M.A

He is the head of the master program Sales Management for Technical
Products and Services at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener
Neustadt which consist of 75 ECTS credits in sales and sales related
subjects. Therefore, he is constantly involved in the development,
management, and evaluation of sales and sales related courses.
He is teaching courses in the areas of sales training, marketing and
sales management as well as marketing research. He also created and
organised two university-wide sales competitions. He has been
working for the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt since
Previously, for almost five years, he worked for a company operating
in the pharmaceutical and medical care industry. In the position of a
product- and market manager, he was in charge of creating nation-wide
sales strategies. He also developed sales training programs for sales
representatives and acted as a sales representative on the hospital care
He has a Master Degree in Innovation Management, a Magister degree
in Product Management and Marketing, and a Bachelor Degree in
pedagogy. At the moment, he is working on his doctoral thesis in the
area of value-based selling methods.

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