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Timo Holopainen


Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen

Ph.D., MBA Timo Holopainen has vast experience since 1990’s from
demanding positions in local and global leadership and management,
international sales and business development, research, development
and innovation, technical and customer service, trouble shooting,
quality, training and consulting professional, working with wide range
of individuals, talents, cultures, companies and corporates.

Dr. Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen is a Leading Principal Lecturer and a
former Dean in the Turku University of Applied Sciences (years 2003-
2017. She has background in business and especially in sales and
product management in the field of information technology.

expertise will provide added value especially
for the conceptualization of the SEASAC model.

Harri Lappalainen.jpg

Harri Lappalainen

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Kimmo Polvivaara

Mr. Harri Lappalainen, the Head of the SEASAC project, is a passionate competences enhancer. He has over 20 years’ extensive experience on international development activities in various core roles. At the moment, as a Senior Advisor in the Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Harri is heavily involved in several global capacity building projects. During recent years, he has given numerous key note presentations, lectures and workshops about student-centered learning and university-business cooperation in Europe, South-East Asia and Africa.

Mr. Kimmo Polvivaara has extensive knowledge and years of experience in good and sound financial management of many EU funded projects. Kimmo has worked for dozens of projects during the years with multiple different financiers such as Erasmus+, Interreg Europe, Central Baltic, Horizon2020 to name a few, so he has a good knowledge about the project world in general. Kimmo has knowledge about general financial management practices and knows the rules and regulations of different programs very well, including CBHE. Kimmo can also use Microsoft office software at a high level to fully maximize the potential of such software in administrative work of projects.

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